Doosan to Supply Ruwais CFP

Doosan to Supply Ruwais CFP

Industrial engineering firm Doosan is to supply breakbulk equipment for a major petrochemical project in the United Arab Emirates on behalf of developer Samsung Engineering.

The US$13 million order from Samsung includes design, fabrication, assembly, testing, and delivery of refinery equipment for the Crude Flexibility Project in Ruwais. The award follows Samsung’s letter of award from UAE state-run energy firm Adnoc Refining earlier this year.

“Before signing the contract, Doosan Vina’s quality, capacity and safety were vetted very thoroughly by Samsung Engineering. For a year and a half, SECL examined Doosan Vina to see if the company could meet their expectations and all international standards and practices,” a spokesperson for Doosan said.


ARDS components built in Quang Ngai

The project will involve fabrication of a number of large breakbulk components that will form a new Atmospheric Residue De-Sulfurization facility. Delivery of parts is scheduled for early 2020 and will involve shipment from eastern Vietnam to Ruwais on the north coast of UAE.

“The latest agreement details the production of equipment by Doosan Vina at its U$300 million high-tech industrial complex in Vietnam’s Central Province of Quang Ngai,” Doosan said.

Doosan’s complex in the Dung Quat Economic Zone, produces mega infrastructure components including boilers for thermal power plants, desalination plants, material handling systems like cranes and structural steel for buildings and infrastructure developments.


Ruwais to free Murban resources

The Ruwais facility is the largest industrial complex in the UAE and under current expansion plans will see a further US$3.1 billion investment expansion. Samsung Engineering was awarded the CFP contract in partnership with CB & I Nederland, a subsidiary of McDermott.

Following delivery of components by Doosan in 2020, construction is set to last two years with the CFP unit becoming operational in 2022. Once complete, ADNOC’s Ruwais complex will process up to 420,000 barrels per day of Zakum Crude,  allowing ADNOC to export more Murban crude, which can be sold at a premium.

“Enabling the Ruwais Refinery-West to process Upper Zakum, or similar, medium sour crude, in place of Murban light sweet crude, will allow us to extract greater value from our crude resources,” said Abdulaziz Abdulla Alhajri, director at ADNOC.

Photo: Doosan Vina industrial complex. Credit: DG