Deutsche Bahn Backs Offshore Wind

Five-year Power Purchase Agreement

German rail operator Deutsche Bahn has signed a five-year agreement with energy provider RWE to power its train network.

The deal marks the first offshore wind corporate power purchase agreement, or PPA, in Germany and provides a major fillip for offshore investment, paving the way for new breakbulk acitivity in the sector.

“Deutsche Bahn is already the largest green-power consumer in Germany, and the company has set itself even higher goals for the environment and the climate with its new 'Starke Schiene' corporate strategy. By 2038, the entire rail power consumed by DB will be 100 percent green,” a spokesperson for Deutsche Bahn said.

Nordsee Ost

The PPA will see Deutsche Bahn receive energy from the Nordsee Ost offshore windfarm, with the contract running for five years, from 2024.

“Over the next few years, we will consistently replace expiring contracts based on fossil-fuel generation with renewable energy. Before the end of September, we will start a further Europe-wide invitation to tender for the long-term purchase of green electricity,” said Torsten Schein, CEO of DB Energie.

DB Energie is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, with about 1,700 employees, which supplies 20,000 trains with electrical energy every day.

Fifth-largest Energy Provider

As well as power for trains, DB Energie also supplies about 5,400 train station networks as well as the direct current supply systems for the Berlin and Hamburg city train networks in its role as network operator.

“RWE has been supplying Deutsche Bahn for many years with green electricity from hydropower stations. With this new agreement we want to contribute towards our long-term partner achieving their ambitious climate protection targets. Combining our expertise in industrial and municipal customers with the producers of renewable energy offers both sides huge opportunities for the future,” saidAndree Stracke, CCO, RWE Supply & Trading.

With turnover of €2.8 billion and a sales volume of 25 TWh, DB Energie is now the fifth-largest energy provider in Germany.