Deugro Launches Visiotrack Platform

(Global) Predictive Supply Chain Analysis  

Freight expert Deugro has launched a new software platform, called Deugro Visiotrack, to manage onshore and offshore supply chains.
The web-based tool provides an interactive collaboration tool for stakeholders and includes support for predictive analysis. Data is presented via customizable dashboards to support informed planning and decision making.
“We have rolled out an IT system that provides extended advantages and value creation for every client group, whether EPCs (engineering, procurement and construction companies), oil and gas producers, drilling contractors, oilfield service companies, mining re-supply, power generation MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) or low-carbon energy industry. We believe that true value creation comes from enhanced procurement practices based on artificial intelligence as part of the solution,” said Christian Arndt, senior vice president oil and gas logistics for Deugro.

Headquartered in Germany, Deugro operates a network of more than 70 offices worldwide and provides project forwarding, general cargo, airfreight and customs clearance services as well as warehousing and consulting
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