DAS Shifts Plow-Brush Blowing Machine

Cargo Delivered to Reutov

Project cargo handler DAS Global Logsitik has transported an Out-of-Gage Plow-Brush Blowing Machine from Switzerland to Russia.

The unit weighed 57 tonnes and was loaded in Eggiwil, Switzerland, and shipped via Germany. The cargo measured 10 meters in length, three meters in width and four meters in height.

“DAS Global Logistik arranged multimodal transportation of the oversized plow-brush blowing machines… to Reutov, Russia, via Germain port Luebeck and Russian port St. Petersburg,” a spokesperson for the firm said. 

Based in Russia, DAS Global provides project cargo handling and advanced monitoring via GPRS and CCTV devices for OOG and Heavy cargo. The firm is a member of the WCA breakbulk association. 
Photo: Plow-Brush Blowing Machine. Credit: DAS Global