DAS Moves St. Blasien Snowplows

Cargo Moved Via Luebeck Port

Project cargo handler DAS Global Logsitik has transported a set of oversized snowplows from Germany to Russia.

The consignment involved loading of 37 tonnes of cargo in St. Blasien, Germany, and transport from the port of Luebeck to the port of St. Petersburg. From there the cargo was transported by low-bed trucks to the destinations.

“DAS Global Logistik arranged multimodal transportation of the out-of-gauge snowplow trucks ... to Yekaterinburg and Kurumoch, Russia,” a spokesperson for the firm said.

Based in Russia, DAS Global provides project cargo handling and advanced monitoring via GPRS and CCTV devices for OOG and Heavy cargo. The firm is a member of the WCA breakbulk association. 
Photo: Drilling rig. Credit: DAS Global