Damani Ships Chittagong Package

250-tonne Unit from Chennai

Transport services provider Damani Shipping has delivered a heavy-lift package from Chennai, India to Chittagong, Bangladesh.
The breakbulk unit weighed 145 tonnes and was loaded onboard a heavy-lift vessel geared with two 250-tonne cranes. A team then oversaw all clearance documentation and shipment direct to Chittagong on the southeastern coast of Bangladesh.

“The cargo needs to be discharged onto a barge at Chittagong, which was successfully arranged in such short span. We are thankful to our team who works round the clock and ensures timely delivery for such critical movements,” a spokesperson for Damani said.
Based in Mumbai, Damani Group is one of India's oldest commercial shipping operators and a member of the WCA network which connects freight forwarders in 188 countries. 

Photo: Damani crew load modules in Mumbai. Credit: DS