Crosby Acquires Straightpoint UK

Crosby Acquires Straightpoint UK

Lifting and rigging specialist The Crosby Group has acquired load cells and force measurement equipment manufacturer Straightpoint UK.

The acquisition, effective Jan. 2, 2019, included Straightpoint’s manufacturing facility and headquarters in Hampshire, UK, as well as personnel based in the U.S. David Ayling, former CEO of Straightpoint, will oversee sales, marketing, and product development and report to Robert Desel at Crosby.

Based in Texas, Crosby manufactures a range of accessories used in lifting, rigging and securement applications, including wire rope clips, hooks, shackles, lifting clamps, hoist rings, overhaul balls, snatch blocks, crane blocks and sheaves.

Photo: David Ayling and Robert Desel at the SP facility in Hampshire. Credit: Crosby