Covid Drives Shift To Data-driven Operation

(Global) Unprecedented Volatility

The rapid shift to remote working and disruption to global supply chains is driving unprecedented demand for data in the shipping and breakbulk sector as operators seek to stay ahead of the curve.

Exceptional volatility resulting from pandemic lockdown measures resulted in record data usage, according to information provider Refinitiv. This is mirrored by a change in access habit as mobile access increased by 50 percent due to staff working remotely.

“Data is absolutely essential in qualifying and verifying what we anticipated might happen and constantly updating as the situation unfolds. Experience also plays a key role … We cannot predict how long the market conditions may last and what direction they will change. But what we can do is be prepared with actionable data and the tools necessary to leverage it,” said Mollie Bailey, vice president at technology provider Transplace.

Headquartered in Fresno, Texas, Transplace provides transportation management and logistics software.
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