Coordinadora Ships Record Turkish Reactor

Coordinadora Ships Record Turkish Reactor

Project cargo specialist Coordinadora Internacional has transported a cracking reactor from Muroran, Japan, to Tüpra, Turkey.

The outsized reactor measured 35 meters long, 8 meters wide and 9 meters high, and was loaded in Japan together with another seven large reactors. At 918 tonnes, Coordinadora claimed the cracking reactor was the heaviest item ever handled in Turkey.

“Since the road transportation from the port of Derience to the job site was absolutely unfeasible, a local flat pontoon was chartered to bridge the gap through a ro-ro operation. The destination quay was damaged by the famous earthquake that happened in Turkey some years ago and so it had to be reinforced in accordance with Coordinadora's calculations,” a spokesperson for Coordinadora said.

The cargo was loaded directly from the vessel onto a 20 double-axle self-profelled modular transporter platform. Based in Spain, Coordinadora specializes in management and transport of project and heavy-lift cargoes worldwide.

Photo: The reactor during loading. Credit: CLDC