Collett Moves King George V Turbines

(Europe) Eight Enercon E82 Units

Haulage firm Collett & Sons has delivered a set of eight wind turbines from King George V Dock to Inverclyde in Scotland.

The Enercon E82 turbines each comprised 39-meter-long blades and 69-meter-high towers, and the consignment involved 128 components in total. The cargo was carried 20 miles by road from port to site using triple extendable blade trailers.

“We mobilized our modular trailers, fashioned in a 3-bed-4 formation and by utilizing the hydraulic trailer capabilities, our team lowered the trailer suspension providing a running height of 4.7 meters,” a spokesperson for Collett explained. 

Based in Halifax, England, Collett & Sons operates a fleet of heavy-lift trucks, trailers and self-propelled modular transporters and provides breakbulk logistics throughout the UK and Europe. The firm is an exhibitor at Breakbulk events

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