CLP Delivers Chernobyl Components

Transfer casks for CSFSF

Heavy transport firm Convoy Logistics Providers, has delivered three major components of a nuclear facility to Chernobyl in the Ukraine.
Cargo included transfer casks for the new central storage facility for spent nuclear fuel at Chernobyl and transport required significant advance planning by CLP. The first cask was delivered from the origin factory in the U.S. and faced multiple delays due to extreme weather.

“Marine surveyors were present at the port of discharge during vessel operations and the transfer cask was delivered direct from the vessel at the port of Chornomorsk, Ukraine, together with other relevant cargo in time for the scheduled testing,” a spokesperson for CLP said.
CLP is a member of the Project Logistics Alliance, a global network comprising certified heavy-lift and project cargo specialists in more than 80 countries. 

Photo: Transfer cask. Credit: CLP