Champ, CargoAi Launch Partnership

(Global) Air Freight Digitization Initiatives

Systems provider Champ Cargosystems has partnered with technology developer CargoAi to connect logistics systems through application programming interfaces, or APIs.

The partners will focus on digitization initiatives for the air freight industry, integrating supply chain partners including airlines, freight forwarders and general sales agents.

“Our clients and users are at the heart of this partnership. Creating value for them has always been our priority and that is why we have the widest range of suites of systems dedicated to air freight. Being available on CargoAi, if they wish, is therefore an additional service that we can offer our clients," said Nicholas Xenocostas, vice president at CHAMP Cargosystems.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, Champ Cargosystems provides integrated IT solutions and distribution services for the air cargo transport chain. Singaporean firm CargoAi operates an air freight booking platform using data and AI technology.
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