Challenging Power Propositions After Maria

Challenging Power Propositions After Maria


Puerto Rico’s widespread infrastructure damage following Hurricane Maria created an immediate need for generating capacity and stabilization of the fragile power grid.

Three weeks after the hurricane, with 90 percent of Puerto Rico still out of power, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and its federal contractor Weston Solutions hired APR Energy to rapidly install and operate two mobile turbines at the Palo Seco power plant near San Juan.

Mobile turbine technology was favored for high-power density, lower emissions and its ability to stabilize the grid – reducing the risk of blackouts. APR installed two TM2500 turbines producing 70 megawatts.

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APR Energy was then awarded a separate contract to install a TM2500 at the Yabucoa power plant in southeast Puerto Rico, generating 25 megawatts of emergency power. The plant became fully operational 20 days later.

Logistics were a definite challenge. Ferry said: “So many relief vessels were trying to get access to port, all at the same time. We worked closely with the Coast Guard, Customs, the port … and others. We had a great team, and terrific cooperation, which helped us move equipment through areas and along roads that were badly damaged.”


Photo credit: APR Energy



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