C.H. Robinson Moves Gresik Cargo

(Asia) Unexploded WWII Bombs Delay Loading

Freight forwarder C.H. Robinson has delivered a breakbulk cargo from Indonesia to New Caledonia.
The consignment measured 29,500 cubic meters and was transported by barge and ocean vessel. Despite delays caused by unexploded World War II munitions at the loading area and an ant infestation which required fumigation, the cargo was delivered safely.

“The cargo was loaded at anchorage onto a chartered vessel off Gresik in Indonesia. By loading the cargo at this location, C.H. Robinson was able to cut down approximately US$200,000 in port charges,” a spokesperson for C.H. Robinson said.

Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, C.H. Robinson provides breakbulk services worldwide and is a member of the Project Logistics Alliance.
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