C.H. Robinson Delivers Wheat Ridge Equipment

Specialized Equipment for Upgrade Work in Colorado

Cargo carrier C.H. Robinson has transported specialized equipment for a modernization project from Shanghai to Colorado.

The breakbulk cargo included a surge tank, two adsorber vessels, a blower skid, metering skid, cooler and process skids as well as a 40-foot container with various ladders, platforms and spare parts. A team from C.H. Robinson' arranged pick-up and trucking from Jiangsu in China to the port of Shanghai before shipment to the Port of Houston.

“A project manager in Houston met the cargo at the port and ensured it had arrived as expected before overseeing the safe offloading of the pieces onto truck trailers for the final delivery to Wheat Ridge in Colorado, over 1,000 miles away,” a spokesperson for C.H. Robinson said. 
Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, C.H. Robinson is a Fortune 500 provider of multimodal transportation services and specializes in breakbulk services worldwide. The firm is a member of the Project Cargo Network.

Photo: Breakbulk equipment. Credit: CHR