C.H. Robinson Moves Air Separation Equipment 

Construction of Temporary Bridge Required

Freight forwarder C.H. Robinson has delivered air separation equipment from China to South Korea.

The breakbulk cargo involved units measuring up to 36 meters in length and weighing 183 tonnes. It was collected at the Port of Zhangjiagang in China and involved a complex route by road to the client’s destination in South Korea via a weak bridge.

“Undaunted by the challenge, the project logistics specialists at C.H. Robinson developed an alternate plan that included the construction of a temporary bridge that could accommodate the over-dimensional, heavy cargo. Utilising a local civil engineering company for the design, the C.H. Robinson team obtained the necessary permits from local authorities and the temporary bridge was built,” a spokesperson for C.H. Robinson said.

Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, C.H. Robinson provides breakbulk services worldwide and is a member of member of the Project Cargo Network, which connects more than 240 specialist members in more than 100 countries.
Photo: Temporary bridge. Credit: CHR