CF&S Delivers Sampo Harvesters

CF&S Delivers Sampo Harvesters

Logistics firm CF&S has transported 50 Sampo harvesters from Pori, Finland, to Shirvan, Azerbaijan.

The giant agricultural machines were delivered along with header units with the cargo first traveling from Finland to Paldiski Port in Estonia where they were reloaded to railway platforms for onward transport to Azerbaijan.

"Due to lack of private railway platforms and the slow arrangement of railway schemes in Finland, transporting via Estonia is becoming more and more competitive compared to direct railage from Finland,” said Daimar Truija, CF&S sales director.

International transport and logistics group CF&S is headquartered in Tallinn Estonia and a member of the Project Cargo Network in all three Baltic states.

Photo: CF&S delivering Sampo harvester. Credit: CF&S