C.A.T.T. Delivers Rades Drum

Transport for Gama/STEG

Cargo specialist C.A.T.T. Tunisia has delivered a breakbulk drum for the Rades C Power Plant construction project in Tunisia.

The cargo measured more than 16 meters long and weighed 82.5 tonnes. Transport was by 560cv puller reinforced truck and 10-axle Nicolas modular trailer on behalf of Gama/STEG.
“C.A.T.T. Tunisia recently handled an on-site movement [for] a 450 megawatt natural gas-fired plant under construction at Rades, approximately 10 kilometers east of Tunis, the capital city of Tunisia,” a spokesperson for the firm said. 

Based in the Tunisian capital Tunis, C.A.T.T. Tunisia is a member of the WCA Network, which represents project cargo firms in morethan 80 countries.