Cargosavvy Moves Oversized Winches

(Europe-Asia) Shipment to France 

Breakbulk specialist Cargosavvy has transported a shipment of oversized winches from Singapore to France.

The over-dimensional units weighed 300 tonnes and were loaded onto eight 40-foot flat racks and four 40-foot open-top containers. The movement was supervised by Cargosavvy team and a police escort was deployed for transit from the shipper warehouse to port.

“[The] team had to execute this project with a very detailed and precision planning as the shipper warehouse had a very limited space for lifting and loading out-of-gauge cargo,” a spokesperson for Cargosavvy said.

Based in Singapore, Cargosavvy is a member of the Priority Cargo Network, a breakbulk association representing freight forwarders worldwide.
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