Cargo Crime Rise Threatens Carriers

TAPA: Record Levels of Cargo Crime in 2018

Breakbulk carriers face unprecedented risks from cargo theft, as crime levels hit record levels in Europe, Middle East and Africa last year, according the Transported Asset Protection Association, or TAPA.
The association reports that the EMEA region saw the highest reported cargo crime in more than 21 years in 2018 and a  68.7 percent growth in crimes in January 2019, compared to the same month a year before.
“This year began with 302 newly reported cargo thefts to TAPA’s IIS in the 31 days of January ... As if the numbers were not a big enough cause for alarm, the highest loss last month was also a reminder of the length criminals are prepared to go to when they have a target in sight,” a spokesperson for TAPA said.

Based in the Netherlands, TAPA represents more than 800 companies globally and develops security standards, industry practices, technology, education, benchmarking and regulatory collaboration. In 2018, TAPA EMEA also expects to roll out a new Parking Security Requirements standard.
Photo: Cargo lock. Credit: Wikimedia