Cakeboxx Launches Coil Cargo Solution

CoilBoxx Container for Steel, Aluminum Cargoes

Equipment manufacturer CakeBoxx Technologies has announced the launch of a new transport solution for steel and aluminum coil cargoes.

The CoilBoxx container features a specially designed floor onto which coiled cargos can be easily loaded, secured, transported and stored. The solution follows the firm’s launch of the BreakBulkBoxx product line, continuing its strategy to allow shippers to containerize cargos previously only transportable by breakbulk.

“The CoilBoxx will be an eye-opener for coil shippers. As more and more high-value coils are being produced and shipped globally it makes great sense to take advantage of the benefits of expedited container service,” said Scott Lyman, CakeBoxx Technologies director of commercial operations.

CakeBoxx Technologies designs, builds and sells "two-piece" cargo shipping containers to the global cargo transportation and is based in Northern Virginia.

Photo: The CoilBoxx container. Credit: CakeBoxx