BV Shipping Moves Antwerp Alternator

Shipment Loaded in Cotonou

Freight forwarder BV Shipping has delivered an alternator unit from Benin to Belgium.

The outsized cargo was packed in two batches with a total weight of 85 tons and loaded for shipment at Cotonou, Benin. From there it was shipped to the port of Antwerp in the north of Belgium.

“Benin transported an 85-ton alternator for the operation of electricity networks from Cotonou to Antwerp. From there, it will be routed to its final destination in Jebel Ali, UAE,” a spokesperson for BV Shipping said.

With registered offices in Cotonou, Benin and Conakry, Guinea, BV Shipping is a member of the WCA network which connects breakbulk carriers in 188 countries globally.
Photo: Alternator. Credit: BVS