Bullocks Shifts Durban Mill Shells

Cargo Shipped from Fremantle

Cargo carrier Bullocks Freightmasters International has delivered a set of mill shells and accessories from Fremantle, Australia, to Durban, South Africa.

The breakbulk consignment incuded two ball mill shells weighing 95 tonnes and two weighing 112 tonnes. In total, the shipment measured 2,685 cubic meters and weighed 845 tonnes.

“Prior to vessel arrival, Bullocks were engaged to purchase SOC equipment such as flat racks and 40-foot GP containers, loading and lashing of out-of-gauge cargo onto 20-foot and 40-foot flat racks, survey of cargo and necessary crane lift operations at the client’ premises,” a spokesperson for Bullocks Freightmasters said. 
Based in Freemantle, Australia, Bullocks is a member of the WCA network which connects breakbulk carriers in more than 180 countries.