Breakbulk NextGen – Luciano Vidal

Procurement and Logistics Manager, Subsea 7

Nominated by:
Leandro Brusque, supply chain manager – subsea construction, Ocyan.

Reason for nomination:
“Luciano Vidal is someone who has a great ability to learn, develop himself and apply his knowledge in a straightforward manner so that the results for the company are immediate. He has also proven his knowledge on leading logistics and vendors … as well as extensive chartering experience on the more diverse types of vessels. He has worked worldwide on several links of the supply chain, managing small and large teams locally and on remote locations.”

How you chose this industry:
The dynamic work environment provided by the breakbulk, heavy-lift and project cargo industry caught my attention on my very first day at work. It demands a strategic mindset and robust planning, and by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Industry significance, from your perspective:
This extraordinary industry not only moves cargo worldwide, but also moves business and peoples’ lives every single day, building local and global connections.

A mentor or industry leader who greatly influenced you:
There were several mentors that helped me set my career compass in the right direction, but one really stands out. Leandro Brusque is one of those leaders with inspiring skills and knowledge. He’s a genuine mentor, who is accountable, enthusiastic and an excellent communicator with unquestionably integrity.

Professional background:
Before obtaining my bachelor’s degree in engineering, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work at one of the world’s largest brewing companies as a logistics/warehouse supervisor, which involved leading people by motivation. After some years I moved to a global engineering and construction company, which had locations all over the world. There, I worked in senior supply chain roles in South America and Africa. Following this I joined one of the world’s leading subsea engineering, construction and services companies serving the offshore energy industry, where I’m thrilled to have worked in South America, Europe and North America, managing a highly skilled workforce and working on fabulous projects.

Management style:
There is an old saying: “Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” Therefore I’m always setting the bar high to the team, leading by example, driving by performance and committed to the company goals and team.

Long-term professional goals:
To keep going above and beyond in my job, leading people to make a positive difference to my company and those around us.

Role as a developing industry leader:
I work closely with a diverse range of stakeholders to deliver smarter solutions, ethical standards and better and safer results that are sustainable across the board.

Most important industry issue:
The shipping industry, like many global industries, must continue to evolve through ensuring diversity and a collaborative culture where clients, partners and suppliers work openly together to innovate and perform better, bearing in mind our collective environment and social responsibilities.