BP, Ørsted Launch Green Hydrogen Project

(Europe) 50MW Electrolyser at Lingen Refinery

Energy firms BP and Ørsted have launched plans to begin green hydrogen production at BP’s Lingen Refinery in Germany.

The project aims to utilize a 50-megawatt electrolyzer powered by offshore wind initially, with plans to eventually expand capacity 10-fold. The trial may pave the way for upgrade work across refinery sites, as operators seek to replace petrochemical processes with lower impact electrolysis.

“Heavy industries such as refineries use large quantities of hydrogen in their manufacturing ‎processes. Replacing the current fossil-based ‎hydrogen with hydrogen produced from renewable energy can help these industries ‎dramatically lower their CO2 footprint. But first, renewable hydrogen has to become cost ‎competitive with fossil-based hydrogen, and for that we need projects such as this,” said Martin Neubert, CEO of offshore wind for Ørsted.

Based in Fredericia, Denmark, Ørsted is one of the largest offshore wind developers in the world. One of seven supermajor oil and gas firms, BP announced plans in January this year to refocus its business on zero-carbon alternatives.
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