BNSFL Transports Colstrip Transformer

(Americas) Shipment via Port of Houston

Heavy transport firm BNSF Logistics has completed delivery of an outsized transformer from China to Colstrip, Montana.

The transformer weighed 113.4 tonnes and was shipped via the Port of Houston before being transferred to rail. To ensure safe transit the center of gravity of the cargo was offset by 69 centimeters, using about 16 tonnes of counterweights.

“The transformer was transport by rail from Houston to a rail-siding in Forsyth, Montana, transloaded and trucked to the jobsite with the rough setting onto the foundation ending this project movement,” a spokesperson for BNSFL said.

BNSF Logistics is a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium, or WWPC, a global network connecting breakbulk firms around the world. The firm is headquartered in Flower Mound, Texas, and is a subsidiary of freight railroad operator Burlington Northern Santa Fe.