Blue Water Transports Record Turbine

World’s First Siemens SGT-A45 Delivered 

Project cargo shipping line Blue Water has transported one of the world’s most powerful gas turbines from the U.S. to Afghanistan.

The complex project was carried out in partnership with All Freight Services International in Canada and involved shipment of the world’s first Siemens SGT-A45 Mobile Turbine. The cargo was loaded in Alabama for delivery to Mazar-e Sharif.

“One particular challenge we faced was the shallow ground clearance ... when loading and offloading the equipment into the vessel and the Antonov-124-100. A custom-built hydraulic axle with a five-wheeled solution was quickly designed and built specially for this project,” said David Richter, general manager of Blue Water Shipping in Dubai.

Blue Water operates 55 offices in more than 26 countries worldwide and is headquartered in Esbjerg on the west coast of the Jutland peninsula in southwest Denmark. 

Photo: Siemens SGT-A45 Mobile Turbine. Credit: Blue Water