Bilbao Approves Record Fuel Plant

(Europe) World's Largest Synfuel Production Facility

Authorities at the Port of Bilbao have approved plans to construct the world’s-largest synthetic fuel production plant on a plot in Punta Sollana.

The new facility is expected to drive significant breakbulk activity during the construction phase and will generate gas from urban waste such as paper, cardboard, plastic and textile. The approval was issued to Petronor, a subsidiary of Repsol, for a 46,700-square-meter plot.

“The proposal chosen is linked to aspects such as innovation, state of the art technology, sustainability, decarbonization and energy transition contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint, criteria that are also aligned with the port authority’s strategy to make the port of Bilbao a more sustainable and innovative space,”  a spokesperson for the Port of Bilbao said.

The Port of Bilbao is one of the major project cargo hubs in the north of Spain and recently invested €79 million in a new breakbulk dock, known as the Central Breakwater.
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