Barrus Projects and Rostranslogistics Deliver Vestas Cargoes

Partnership at work: drive trains for one, hubs for the other

The transportation of Vestas cargoes from the Rostov Sea Multimodal Port in Novoshakhtinsk on the Don River in Russia to Elista has been completed. Transportation was carried out by Barrus Projects with the help of Rostranslogistics.
Vestas hubs and drive trains arrived at the port from two locations: China via the port of Constanta in Romania and Sweden. Barrus Projects’ area of responsibility included unloading operations, cargo storage and customs clearance. Forty-eight drive trains were transported by its own fleet of heavy-duty prime movers from the port along the Rostov - Novoshakhtinsk (customs) – Elista route.
The hubs were transported by partner Rostranslogistics along the same route.
The delivered hubs and drive trains had the following dimensions:
Hub: 5.44 x 3.75 x 3.7 m
Drive train: 7.33 x 3.51 x 3.2 m
Together with Rostranslogistics, all cargo was delivered in accordance with the agreements, thanks to the well-coordinated work and due professionalism of the project participants.
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