Barrus Moves Amur Cargo

Gas Processing Plant Equipment To Russia

Heavy-lift firm Barrus Projects has transported a cargo of breakbulk equipment from China to the Amur Gas Processing Plant in Russia.
The outsized consignment involved a depropanization column, weighing 259 tonnes, a. debutanizer column, weighing 135 tonnes, as well as several flare Ko drums and feed gas drying adsorbers. The delivery was carried out in partnership with Cosco Shipping Project Logistics to the site on the Zeya River, Amur Region.
“All transshipment, placement and securing of goods operations were carried out by specialists of Barrus Projects. To add, Barrus Projects also carried out full customs clearance service for that consignment,” a spokesperson for Barrus said. 
Based in Russia, Barrus is a member of the Project Logistics Alliance, a breakbulk association which connects pre-qualified cargo carriers in 88 countries.
Photo: Oil and gas equipment. Credit: Barrus