Barrus, AGL Ship Nizhnekamsk Cargoes  

(Europe-CIS) Two Heat Exchangers from Berlin

Breakbulk carriers Barrus Projects and Alexander Global Logistics have delivered a set of heat exchangers from Germany to Nizhnekamsk, Russia.

The complex project involved transport of two out-of-gauge units, four 40-foot open-top SOC containers and other spares. Cargo was loaded in Berlin and shipped to St Petersburg.

“To manage the local delivery from St. Petersburg Port, AGL reached out to fellow Project Logistics Alliance member Barrus Projects for assistance. The team of Barrus Projects took over from St. Petersburg to the site of JSC Taneco in Nizhnekams,” a spokesperson for the firms said.

Barrus and AGL are both members of the Project Logistics Alliance, a breakbulk association which connects pre-qualified cargo carriers worldwide. Barrus is a Global Event Partner for Breakbulk exhibitions.
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