Aprojects Moves Tianjin Rail Cargo

Breakbulk Shipment Via Port of Antwerp

Freight forwarder Aprojects has delivered a batch of breakbulk railway equipment from Europe to China.

The consignment included rail carriages weighing 118 tonnes and measuring 25 meters long and 4 meters wide and high. Cargo was loaded from the shippers’ site in Austria and transported by road to Antwerp for shipment.

“Aprojects [oversaw] loading onto the ocean vessel, LSD, and the offloading at Tianjin Xingang Terminal with a direct rail connection … The main challenge was to partially assemble the machinery already at Antwerp, prior to the ocean shipment, so they could be unloaded directly at the rail terminal,” a spokesperson for Aprojects said.

Headquartered in Belgium, Aprojects is a member of the Project Logistics Alliance, which connects prequalified project freight forwarding specialists worldwide.

Photo: Rail equipment. Credit: Aprojects