Alsharif Unloads Bahrain Autoclaves

(MENA) ASG Support Stillage

Breakbulk carrier Alsharif Group has unloaded a shipment of autoclaves at port in Bahrain.

The cargo comprised seven units, each weighing more than 66 tonnes and measuring 40 meters long. The autoclaves were received from breakbulk vessel and transported to port storage.

“[An] eight-axle hydraulic trailer was mobilized to receive all seven units in sequence and ASG support stillage (beams and stools) were placed to jack down the autoclaves,” a spokesperson for Alsharif said.

Based in Bahrain, Alsharif provides breakbulk services across the Gulf region and is a member of the WCA project forwarding network. WCA is an exhibitor at Breakbulk Europe.
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