ALE Installs Sines STS Crane

Skidding Under Strict Time Limit

Project cargo handler ALE has assisted in the installation of a new ship-to-shore crane at the Port of Sines in Portugal.
The breakbulk crane was built by steel construction experts URSSA, and ALE assisted jacking the boom structure at its fabrication location, before skidding it to its final position on rails. Weighing 910 tonnes, the structure was lifted using a selection of strand jacks after weeks of preparation.

“The next phase saw the team face further challenges, as the crane needed to be skidded 170 meters within a strict 20-hour time limit and take an amended route to stay within ground bearing pressure guidelines,” a spokesperson for the firm said.

Headquartered in Staffordshire in the UK, ALE operates more than 30 global offices, and provides a range of breakbulk transport and installation services worldwide for the energy, civil and petrochemical sectors.