ALE Moves Palermo Ship Sections

Mid-sections Transported Using 96 Axle Lines of SPMT

Strategic heavy-lift firm ALE has moved several vessel sections for a cruise ship retrofit project in Palermo, Italy.
The outsized mid-sections weighed up to 2,540 tonnes each and were transported and installed using ALE skid shoes and 96 axle lines of SPMT in a configuration of 4 x 2 file 24. ALE utilized lateral skidding for the largest component, the ship cut section which weighed around 10,500 tonnes.
“This was a technically complex maneuver and we had to design a methodology to cope with the size and weight of the ship. I want to thank the team for all of their hard work to ensure that we achieved this engineering milestone,” said Elena Muñoz Collado, project manager for ALE.

ALE is headquartered in in Staffordshire, UK and operates more than 30 offices globally. The firm provides heavy-lift services in the oil and gas, civil, nuclear, offshore, renewables, petrochemical, ports, marine, minerals and metals and mining sectors.
Photo: Ship section. Credit: ALE