ALE Moves Martin Linge Modules

ALE Moves Martin Linge Modules

Specialist lifting firm ALE has loaded-out two modules for the Martin Linge platform project in South Korea.

The heavier of the two was a process module which weighed 10,850 tonnes, accompanied by a utility module which weighed 9,580 tonnes. Both modules were weighed using centrally controlled synchronized weighing system and weightors.

“In consideration of the sheer size and scale of the piece, to perform the load-out was no mean feat. As the modules had a high center of gravity, it was extremely challenging to load them out onto the same vessel and control the vessel’s stability. We utilized a computerized skidding system to overcome this, as well as quay jacks to monitor the load,” said Edwin Blosser, project engineer for ALE.

ALE provides heavy-lift services for the energy, construction and maritime sectors from global headquarters in Staffordshire in the UK,. The firm also operates more than 30 regional offices around the world.

Photo: The transformer weighed 345 tonnes. Credit: ALE