ALE Handles Erlangen Bridge

ALE Handles Erlangen Bridge

Heavy-lift specialist ALE has handled overweight bridge units as part of a highway construction project in Erlangen, Germany.

Climbing jacks and a stool jacking system were first used to jack up the 380-tonne bridge, and then 20 axle lines of SPMT in a configuration of 2 x 10 were used to move the bridge. On arrival, masts were then connected using bracings and the bridge was installed.

“ALE’s in-house engineering expertise produced a bespoke transportation solution that ensured increased stability for the safer installation of a highway bridge,” a spokesperson for the firm said.

With more than 30 global offices, ALE provides a range of breakbulk transport and installation services worldwide for the energy, civil and petrochemical sectors.

Photo: Erlangen bridge. Credit: ALE