Al Faris Delivers Hatta Tug

(MENA) Breakbulk Cargo Delivered Down 24 Degree Slope

Breakbulk specialist Al Faris has transported a tugboat and pontoons from Sharjah - Hamriyah port to a location near Hatta Dam in the UAE.

The consignment included items weighing up to 56 tonnes and involved delicate transport with clearance of as little as 100 millimeters. The components were delivered for the Hatta Power Plant, the first pumped storage hydro power project in the Arabian Gulf region.

“With steep angles up to 23 degrees uphill and 24 degrees downhill, electric power lines with restricted heights, manoeuvring extremely narrow bottle neck turns/roads; the loads were transported up and down the mountains and safely delivered to its final location,” a spokesperson for Al Faris said. 

Based in Dubai Industrial City, UAE, Al Faris provides modern lifting and transport services, integrated with best practices in QHSE, and is an exhibitor at Breakbulk Middle East.