Airbus Helicopters Tests Cargo UAV

Airbus Helicopters Tests Cargo UAV

Cargo specialist Airbus Helicopters has completed the first flight demonstration of its unmanned aerial vehicle at the National University of Singapore.

The prototype vehicle is designed to carry small loads of a few kilograms, however the designers aim to improve the system through further research, opening the way for autonomous carriage of breakbulk items.

“The Skyways project is an important innovation for the aviation industry. CAAS has been working closely with Airbus on the project, with an emphasis on co-developing systems and rules,” said Kevin Shum, director-general of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.

Airbus Helicopters is the helicopter-manufacturing division of aviation giant Airbus. The UAV project is part of Airbus Skyways unmanned cargo project.

Photo: The Airbus Helicopters UAV. Credit: Airbus