AGL, MEL Deliver Swiss Plant

(Europe) Truck and Ferry Combination 

Heavy-transport firms Alexander Global Logistics and Mel Logistics Hizmetleri have collaborated on the transport of industrial plant components from Switzerland to the Caucasus region.

The cargo in included silos, cold boxes and heavy machinery with total weight of 4,200 tonnes. The largest breakbulk items weighed 50 tonnes each and measured up to 25 meters in length.

“Part of the total volume went by direct trucks, others went by truck and ferry combination, depending on feasibility as well as costs,” a spokesperson for AGL said.

Headquartered in Bremen in Northern Germany, AGL provides ship chartering services, transshipment and full service logistics for heavy-lift and project cargo deliveries. Both firms are members of the Project Logistics Alliance.
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Breakbulk Europe 2020