Agence Maritime Mohab Delivers Sousse Generators

(Africa-CIS) Transport to St. Petersburg

Freight forwarder Agence Maritime Mohab has delivered two generators and accessories from Tunisia to St. Petersburg, Russia.

The complex project involved loading at a job site in Sousse using a Faune and a Grove mobile crane. The cargo measured more than 380 cubic meters in total and each generator was 15 meters in lenght.

“A special Lowboy 17 meters long by 3 meters width performed the job for the inland transport from Sousse to La Goulette Port, and was used consecutively during two days,” a spokesperson for the firm explained.

Headquartered in Rades, Tunisia, Agence Maritime Mohab Tunisia is a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium, or WWPC, which represents breakbulk firms in 78 countries.
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