AAIP Delivers Zamboanga Transformer

AAIP Delivers Zamboanga Transformer

Logistics expert AAI and Peers has transported a transformer from Davao Port to Zamboanga in the Philippines.

The outsized ABB 50mva transformer measured 6 meters long and was delivered to Davao Port via tri-axle low-bed trailer. The 45-tonne unit was then transported direct to the NGCP Zamboanga substation.

"The route for the delivery posed a challenge as the substation is located in the far South of the Philippines and the most direct route passed through an area which is allegedly heavily infested by local rebels causing a big risk in transporting this high value OOG cargo,” AAI representative, Jimmy D. Chung II, explained.

Based in in the Philippines, AAIP is a member of the Project Cargo Network, which connects breakbulk handling firms in more than 100 countries.

Photo: NGCP Zamboanga substation. Credit: AAIP