WWL Ships Ho Chi Minh Manufacturing Plant

Breakbulk handler Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics has transported 44 units of components for a manufacturing plant from the Port of Melbourne to Vietnam.

The consignment included five 72-foot rolltrailers, six 62-foot rolltrailers and 11 40-inch rolltrailers. In total the components for the plant measured 4,300 cubic meters and weighed 440 tonnes.

“Due to the sensitive nature of the cargo, it faced extensive transport restrictions in Melbourne, with numerous regulations to be considered and permits to be obtained. Special road trailers had to be used and WWL advised the customer on adjustments that could be made to reduce the transport height of the cargo,” said Angelo Gnanasigamony, WWL Australia account manager.

Representatives from WWL vessel oversaw transport from the fabrication site north of Melbourne to the port and arranged transfer to a roll-on, roll-off vessel for shipment to the port of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. WWL also liaised with the customer for prefabrication and welding work to the cargo to ensure that it could be lashed down safely onboard the vessel.

WWL operates one of the largest ro-ro fleets in the world and provides logistics and breakbulk services worldwide via a network of offices in UAE, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Romania, Spain, and the UK.

Photo: The plant was shipped safely to Ho Chi Minh City . Credit: Wikimedia

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