Breakbulk in Action: Winter Photo Contest Entries

Iced-in ports. Treacherous terrain. Frozen seas. Winter weather challenges breakbulk professionals to utilize a unique mix of skills and experience to keep cargo moving.

See the photos below and click the vote button to make your selection. The photo that receives the most votes will be published in the November/December issue of Breakbulk Magazine.

Voting deadline: December 2, 2015
The winner will be announced on December 19, 2015.


MagnifierRickmers-Linie: Rickmers Chennai

Description: The photo was taken in Hamburg at the quayside just outside our office building on the shore of River Elbe, which was largely ice covered in late January 2014. The mv RICKMERS CHENNAI which was on charter to us at that time, had departed from Wallmann Terminal about an hour before and managed to navigate through the ice floes on the river to arrive at this spot in a perfect moment when the sun had just set.

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Submitted by: Marko Stampehl, Rickmers-Linie

BBC Singapore in Antarctica

MagnifierBBC Singapore Calls Antarctica

The MV “BBC Singapore” was on a supplier mission for the Neumayer research station.

Location: Atka Bay, ice port at Antarctica.

Submitted by: Lisa Girgott, BBC Chartering

Barnhart Drum Transport

MagnifierBarnhart Knock-out Drum Transport

Last winter, Barnhart was hired to move a knock out drum (KO) to a refinery in Ohio. The KO drum, which weighed around 220,000 lbs. was 72 feet long, 18 feet tall and 21 feet wide. The project started at the Port of Catoosa in Oklahoma and was destined for the Port of Toledo in Ohio. Barnhart loaded the drum into a hopper barge until it reached Chicago where the drum was offloaded. It was then loaded onto a Barnhart-owned ABS certified deck barge for transport to Toledo with Barnhart’s 550 ton crane. That’s where things got icy.

The narrow waterway that connects Lake Michigan and Lake Huron was stopped by ice.  The straits and parts of the lakes were frozen solid due to the extreme temperatures produced by the polar vortex. To keep the shipping channel open a Coast Guard ice breaker was brought in to clear a path though the ice, which could be up to a foot thick.  The barge was then escorted through the ice and safely reached its destination at the Port of Toledo.

Location: Lake Michigan, USA

Photo submitted by: Jeff Latture, Barnhart

AAL Brisbane arriving in Prince Rupert

MagnifierAAL Brisbane Arriving in Prince Rupert

This photo was taken as our A-Class vessel AAL Brisbane sailed into the picturesque Canadian port of Prince Rupert.

Location: Prince Rupert, Canada

Submitted by: Yianni Pittalis, AAL

MagnifierCSL-Vastwin SPMT Transport

72 SPMT axle line, including Tianjie Brand and Dafang Brand.

Location: Xinjiang Province, China

Submitted by: Hong Cui, CSL-VASTWIN (China-Shipping- Vastwin Project Logistics Co., Ltd.)

MagnifierDual Lane Bridge Beam Delivery

Description: Delivery of steam turbine rotor from St. John to Pt. Lapreau, New Brunswick. Delivery arranged by Fracht USA and Equipment Express, Canada.

Location: New Brunswick, Canada

Submitted by: Las Moen

Rare Snowstorm at Port of Vancouver USA

MagnifierRare Sight at Port of Vancouver

Description:A ship docked in a rare snowstorm at the Port of Vancouver USA, January 2007.

Location: Vancouver, Wash. USA

Submitted by: Kelly Burns