Caterpillar_ mining shovel

Van der Vlist Transports 6060FS Shovel

Heavy-cargo specialist Van der Vlist has transported a Caterpillar 6060FS mining shovel from Germany to Belgium.

The consignment weighed more than 435 tonnes and was transported in 35 pieces from a factory in Germany to the port of loading in Belgium. The heaviest item in the shipment weighed 63 tonnes and was carried by road using Van der Vlist’s feet of trucks and trailers.

“All parts were delivered in time and the seagoing vessel could depart as scheduled for final destination Australia,” a Van der Vlist spokesperson said.

Headquartered in the Netherlands,Van der Vlist provides logistics services focused on abnormal loads and outsized transport for a range of industries including the construction, energy and power,  agricultural, materials handling, oil and gas and petrochemical industries. The group has offices in Belgium, Germany, Holland, Poland, Russia, Spain and the UK.

Photo: Van der Vlist delivered a Caterpillar 6060FS. Credit: Van der Vlist

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