Trump and Xi

U.S., China To Sign Trade Deal

The U.S. and China have announced a wide-ranging trade deal designed to boost the relationship between the world’s two largest economies and potentially open the way for increased breakbulk demand.

The 10-point plan includes steps to open the Chinese market to U.S. credit-rating agencies and credit card companies, and will also see China lift its ban on U.S. beef imports and shipments of liquefied natural gas.

The delivery of large quantities of LNG from the U.S. to China will be of particular interest to breakbulk operators supporting the energy sector.

“This will help us to bring down the deficit for sure. You watch and you’ll see,” U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said.

The 10-point plan was welcomed by some commentators, who saw it as a sign that U.S. President Donald Trump was softening what appeared at first to be a highly confrontational approach with Beijing.

Photo: Trump and Xi. Credit: Wikimedia

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