Projects of Interest in West Africa

Breakbulk Magazine cover with eery head overlaid with lights, graphs, etc. "Technology's Heavy Load"1 Ghana: the world’s fourth-largest solar Photovoltaic, or PV, power plant, and Africa’s biggest, is the Nzema project. It is within easy reach of the deepwater Takoradi port

2 Benin / 3 Niger / 4 Nigeria: The European Union’s Africa Renewable Energy Initiative is aiding with the funding of a 25-megawatt solar plant in Benin, one in Niger of 30 megawatts; and another of 100 megawatts in Nigeria (Bauchi Solar Project). Benin has also positioned itself for private-sector investment in its power sector

4 Nigeria: Last year, Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading signed purchase agreements with more than 10 companies interested in developing 975 megawatts of solar power capacity. While the much anticipated Lekki deep sea port is being developed, Lagos still presents as the best alternative.

5 Burkina Faso: In support of this country’s Electricity Sector Support Project, the World Bank has recently approved US$80 million credit. This will open up the sector for new projects, particularly solar

6 Liberia: The government is welcoming private sector prospects for solar, hydro, biomass and wind energy projects as well as transmission and distribution lines for Monrovia

7 Mauritania: Being commissioned is the construction of a 1.3-megawatt solar PV plant together with a 5-megawatt thermal plant close to the town of Kiffa. The development of a solar-diesel hybrid rural electrification project has recently been funded by India. The capital city Nouakchott is home to the country’s deepwater port, and is also the site of a renewable wind farm, more of which are to be developed.

8 Senegal: Lekela Power has acquired the rights to co-develop and invest in a 158-megawatt wind project in Senegal, the Taiba Ndiaye. Dakar provides deepwater port facilities

9 Cape Verde: Project Cabeólica on this island state is already delivering commercial-scale wind power. Project closures in September this year, related to electricity generation, include the extensions of Palmarejo Power Plant in Praia, and of Lazareto Power Plant in Mindelo.

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Map illustration: Catherine Dorrough


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