The transformer was delivered via the port of Le Havre

Philco, Gevatrans Ship Greek Transformer

Project cargo handlers Philco International and Gevatrans have transported a shipment of transformers and spare parts from France to Agios Nikolaos Voiotias, Greece.

The delivery was carried out for General Electric France and Aluminum of Greece and involved transportation of a main unit measuring 5 meters in length. The team from Philco International took charge of all logistics operations for the cargo at origin in Ris Orangis, France.

The team transferred the parts into three 40-foot high-cube crates and handled all lashing and securing of the oversized cargo; multimodal shipment by truck and sea and sea freight forwarding via the port of Le Havre.

“Gevatrans handled the arrival of the shipment at Piraeus Port in Athens, Greece, and transferred the crates to special low beds for the final 150-kilometer overland leg to the consignee’s dependencies,” a spokesperson for Gevatrans said.

Philco International is a French member of the Connecta Airfreight Network while Gevatrans is member of Pangea Logistics Network.

Photo: The transformer was delivered via the port of Le Havre. Credit: PLN

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