Nils Lie

WWL Predicts Self-driving Freight Future

A Swedish consortium involving freight specialist Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics has developed self-driving technology that promises to streamline supply chains and reduce costs for breakbulk deliveries.

The Born to Drive solution was developed by Semcon, Combitech and Consat along with WWL, and involves software that lets vehicles, such as heavy-goods trucks, move themselves.

“Using this technology at port terminals and compounds would enable us to change the way cars are managed at the terminal. The technology would reduce labor cost, reduce damages, and increase the yard utilization as the cars can be parked much closer to each other,” said Nils Lie, an executive at WWL.

In the first stage of the project a prototype software-based system has already been developed which includes a back-end system to control logistics flow, and keep track of location and fuel levels of the vehicles.

Photo: Nils Lie. Credit: WWL

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