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Wangfoong Transports Shenzhen Reel

Logistics firm Wangfoong Transportation has moved an over-dimensional reel from Singapore to Da Chan Bay at Shenzhen via Hong Kong.

The unit weighed 92 tonnes and measured 4 meters long, 3 meters wide and 3 meters high. Wangfoong prepared a risk assessment, complete survey, provision of derrick barge to collect cargo under hook alongside inbound mother vessel in Hong Kong waters and transship to Da Chan Bay terminal as well as discharging of cargo with heavy-lift floating crane onto consignee’s trailer.

Wangfoong is a member of project cargo forwarding network the Worldwide Project Consortium, which recently appointed Pol-Agent, a member of global warehousing company C. Steinweg Group Rotterdam, as exclusive member in Poland

Breakbulk specialist Darka for Trading & Services was likewise appointed as exclusive member for the Worldwide Project Consortium in Sudan, while Darka Horn of Africa (Eritrea) was appointed as member for Eritrea.

Worldwide Project Consortium connects independent project cargo forwarding companies around the world and grants exclusive membership for one company per country or designated area in larger continents.

Photo: The reel was delivered by Wangfoong to Da Chan Bay. Credit: WWPC

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